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TSR Buzz - Kanye West's Words of Wisdom; Wipeout(s)

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  • When will Kanye West make an appearance on this show? I find it hard to imagine that his ego will ever stop him from taking on an unpredictable, foam-covered obstacle course meant to smash people's faces in before tossing them into water.


  • Before ABC was embarrassing regular American citizens with a sense of adventure but fleeting pride, Japan was doing it better, and with more creativity! (The best one might be at 4:28.)


  • Clumsiness is a hardship that we all face. But with the amount of bloopers that Bill Dance has, it makes one think as to whether clumsiness could be a curse. (The best one is at 2:08. "Oh, good gosh!")


  • One of my favorite bands just put Jorge Garcia's (LOST) face on the cover of their eighth studio album. To recover from this stupefying event, I've been trying to find solace in the less disappointing music of other bands. Here's some clean, simplistic but well-composed indie-pop from a personal favorite trio (now defunct) from Cambridge, MA. They're called Pants Yell!, and this is their first single from a positively delightful album named "Received Pronunciation." (And no. I haven't heard The Arcade Fire's "The Suburbs" yet. Deal with it.)


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