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TSR Buzz: The Oscar-Winning Boston Movie, Kanye West's 'All of the Lights'

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  • I agree that Boston is a better place to set movies than New York (okay, maybe I'm biased). I think this fake trailer is too jumbled to be funny, but for all of us who have loved (or hated) movies like Mystic River, The Town, or Good Will Hunting, this is at least amusing.


  • Jeff Bayer once said, (well ... tweeted), "Snowfall and penises - let's not talk about them unless they're more than six inches." Here's a weatherman (from the Boston area) who believes in this too.


  • 2010 is gone. The Oscars are over. The award winning films might still be in theaters, but now they're in the books. So here's the 2008 Al Pacino film 88 Minutes. Mind the haircut.


  • I don't usually gravitate towards web comics, but this one is a bit different, especially in tone. It's just a few things to remember, I suppose.

"hey, c'mon"

  • Kanye West is known for having some pretty eclectic music videos, and his latest for "All of the Lights" is no exception. From what I've seen of the Gaspar Noe film, this music video directed by Hype Williams nearly steals from the opening sequence of Enter the Void, with a flurry of different texts being thrown at the audience. And while I still haven't come to accept Kanye West's "My Dark Twisted Fantasy" as a significant album, (I wrestle with its unwarranted pretentiousness and straight-up stupid lyricism, especially on "Runaway") this song is one that CD's brighter moments.


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