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TSR Buzz: Pinsent reads from the Book of Bieber & Who Should Be Conan's First Guest?

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  • Conan O'Brien returns to television on November 8th, but his first guest hasn't been picked yet. Why? Because he needs your votes. Click here to vote for who his first guest on his brand new show should be. Featured candidates include Thomas Pynchon, Lady Gaga, a woman who curates the Nutcracker museum, Justin Bieber, and the entire cast of the live-action Fat Albert film, excluding Kenan Thompson. Don't let this democratic moment pass you by!

To get you into the Conan O'Brien spirit, he's a video of the former "Tonight Show" host driving an explosives-filled car off a cliff.


  • I was wrong when I thought that Woody Allen recording his own audiobooks was the best dream come true for audible literacy. This clip of Canadian thespian Gordon Pinsent reading from the new Book of Bieber, "First Step 2 Forever," makes me drool at the thought of an entire audiobook being done in this form. I don't doubt it would probably be one of the funniest things in the history of the world. But until then, here's a mere 1:53 clip of such perfection:


  • Viva la editors! Apparently a Jane Austen scholar has been put under the "Persuasion" that the famous author received a lot of help in her style from her editor. Interesting stuff, and also a link to BBC! You can tell your friends you read something on BBC. Click here to read more.
  • Greg Benson of "MediocreFilms" is wise to point out that a lot of "famous" Youtubers have beards. To express his desire to fit in, he wrote this catchy little ditty, and also used some very clever editing tricks to rotate different facial hair styles while appearing to not move.


  • And in case you missed it, here's the "Rent Is Too Damn High" candidate Jimmy McMillan making his stand at a NY Governor's debate featuring Andrew Cuomo going against people that are never going to be governor in their life. McMillan speaks with great passion, and with a great set of facial hair. On this rare occasion, I am jealous of New Yorkers, as they probably have a more intimate knowledge of this guy. It's time to step things up, Chicago.


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