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TSR Buzz: Radiohead's "Lotus Flower", Justin Bieber Got Shot, Confessions Of an Apple Store Employee

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  • Radiohead came out with that new album a few days ago, "The King of Limbs." I have yet to hear it, but I do like this song from that release. This video, on the other hand, is just what Thom Yorke does every time he's on stage, so it'd be a real stretch to say this is anything special. Nice hair though.


  • Chicago Film Critics Association President Dann Gire has mentioned to me before about the over-usage of the word "awesome" in movies, and it's something to look out for. Here's a fine little piece about one word that is getting a lot of action in many different recent films.

Awesome Moratorium

  • Author Mark Harris has some not so "awesome" things to say about the current state of Hollywood. Going far beyond just poo-pooing recent commercial films, Harris discusses many trends that have shaped our seasonal movie schedules (which are all starting to look like summer). A fitting read to dive into just days after the release of Big Mommas: Life Father, Like Son.

The Day the Movies Died

  • A new "director's fan cut" of Justin Bieber: Never Say Never is coming out this Friday, for one week only. This new version will feature forty minutes of new footage. However, more importantly, in some bizarre moment in pop culture that isn't being discussed enough, Justin Bieber got shot on "CSI" last week. Included here is the entire clip, which provides some insight into his acting skills (let's just say Justin Timberlake has nothing to worry about). For those eager to get to the killin', the massacre begins around 2:07.


  • Working at an Apple Store must be like working for Disney. This anonymous insight into what it's like being an employee at an Apple store is fascinating.

Confessions of an Apple Store Employee

  • Oh yeah, and the Oscars are this Sunday. Go movies!

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