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TSR Buzz: 2011 Spirit Award Nominees, The Rage of Nic Cage, A Short Story by Wes Anderson

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  • Just released are the nominees for 2011 Spirit Awards, which includes a lot of kudos to Black Swan, Greenberg, The Kids Are All Right, 127 Hours, and Rabbit Hole.

Check out the full list of nominees here

  • This video has been pretty popular over the past week or so, but I am sharing it for those who may have missed it. Here is compilation of Nicolas Cage's monumental on-screen freak-outs. It spans most of his filmography, and gives The Wicker Man a special treatment in the third act. The usage of the famous music from Requiem for a Dream is a nice touch. Next time I am in despair, I will do what the Cagemaster does in the very first clip.


  • Before writer/director Wes Anderson made Rushmore and The Life Aquatic, there was "The Ballad of Reading Milton," a recently discovered short story that was published in a literary magazine at University of Texas at Austin.

Wes Anderson's short story, "The Ballad of Reading Milton"

  • Yet another reason that Mark Wahlberg is a bad-ass. Whereas some actors sidestep hating on their previous flops, Wahlberg takes a second to agree with what many of us were saying when we saw The Happening - "F*cking trees, man."

Mark Wahlberg admits that The Happening sucks

  • Here is an example as to why some actors don't talk about disasters after they have been made. They're scarring embarrassments for some actors, as this clip of Jon Voight fighting a CGI dog that knows karate (voiced by Chevy Chase) will represent. It is worth noting that this fight sequence features references to White Heat, The Matrix, and Silence of the Lambs. And the sight of Joe Buck throwing a tricycle at a dog.


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