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Box Office Review – August 8 – ‘Other Guys’ beats ‘Inception’

Box office weekend estimates for the weekend of August 6 - 8. Rank. Movie Title – Weekend Gross | Theaters | Total Gross | Week #

1. The Other Guys - $35,600,000 I 3,651 I $35,600,000 I 1 complete Other Guys coverage

2. Inception - $18,600,000 I 3,418 I $227,732,000 I 4 complete Inception coverage

3. Step Up 3D - $15,500,000 I 2,435 I $15,500,000 I 1 complete Get Low coverage

4. Salt - $11,100,000 I 3,317 I $91,980,000 I 3 complete Salt coverage

5. Dinner for Schmucks - $10,500,000 I 3,004 I $46,746,000 I 2 complete Schmucks coverage

Source: www.boxofficemojo.com

It seems like underestimation is the name of the game for this week. I guess Ferrell’s last few flops haven’t been enough to deter folks from checking out The Other Guys, which managed to land the number one spot on our top five.

Inception was finally knocked out of first place, landing squarely in second. The Nolan mind-bender has enjoyed a great deal of success over the four weeks since its release and while it may have dropped this weekend, it still has a solid lead over some of our other contestants.

Step Up 3D, one of the other new releases this week, landed in third. Is that much of a surprise? Well, honestly, yes. I hadn’t thought that there was a whole lot of demand for a third entry in the Step Up genre, but its third place might indicate otherwise.

Salt is slipping in its third week. While it was never really received as a blockbuster, its numbers have been consistently respectable. Still, it’s hard to ignore the fact that it looks like Jolie’s spy-thriller is on its way out as it takes the number four spot on our list.

Finally, Dinner for Schmucks had a less than enchanting second weekend. Despite generally favorable reviews (especially from Bayer and Allen here at The Scorecard Review), Schmucks fell hard this weekend. With the new releases next weekend, it looks like this will be last we hear from Dinner for Schmucks on the top five.

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