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Box Office Review - July 25 - 'Inception' licks 'Salt'

Box office estimates for the weekend of July 23 – 25. Rank. Movie Title – Weekend Gross | Theaters | Total Gross | Week #

1. Inception - $43,505,000 I 3,792 I $143,663,000 I 2 complete Inception coverage

2. Salt - $36,500,000 I 3,612 I $36,500,000 I 1 complete Salt coverage

3. Despicable Me - $24,100,000 I 3,600 I $161,700,000 I 3 complete Despicable Me coverage

4. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice - $9,685,000 I 3,504 I $42,643,000 I 2 complete Apprentice coverage

5. Toy Story 3 - $9,030,000 I 2,766 I $379,529,000 I 6 complete Toy Story coverage

Source: www.boxofficemojo.com

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Well, in my defense, I got the Friday numbers right, but by the weekend’s end, my predictions were pretty far off.

It didn’t take a genius to see that Inception would swept the box office again. The Nolan flick has received critical acclaim and box-office success in its two weeks of release and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping any time soon.

Salt ended up in second in its debut weekend. The Angelina Jolie spy thriller didn’t look terribly memorable, but that didn’t stop audiences from showing up despite Bayer's and Allen’s review.

In third place is Despicable Me. Pumping that 3D gimmick for all its worth certainly hasn’t hurt its numbers. Steve Carell and company’s flick seems to be a family favorite despite the plethora of kid friendly movies out this weekend.

Nicolas Cage’s economic troubles seem to be extending into his film career. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice probably won’t be sticking around much longer given its meager earnings in its second weekend but for the mean time, enjoy fourth Nic!

Finally, Toy Story 3’s initial charm may be wearing off. After six weeks on the top five, it’s rounding out the bottom. Its had a good run and I’m sure it’ll continue its financial success when it comes out on DVD/Blu-ray, but for now, its time in the sun seems to be coming to an end, as it lands in fifth.

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