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Epilogue: I am happy to report dealing with my insurance company went smoothly. Mainly because my wife keeps receipts, so that's another reason to get married for all you unorganized guys out there. I only lost the last six months of my life as that was the last time I backed up my computer. Now it's just a matter of deciding if I should upgrade to the MacBook Air and iPhone or not. As for SXSW. It was a great first festival. There weren't as many stars walking the streets as I had expected, but I've decided that is a good thing. This film festival really is about the movie fan. Every person that sat down was really pumped to see a film. At first, this was disturbing when "21" kept

Austin OK, it's actually the night of Day Four. We pick up with me making a decision. Either go see "Frontrunners" or go to a party with my brother-in-law. I chose the party. Some people were dressed up in costumes (though I was unsure why), I had a couple PBR's and met a Chicago film producer. Then we headed back to his car... My life was stolen. That's an exaggeration. Everything that was important to me was stolen. His car was broken in to. Computer,iPod , notes, voice recorder (with my interviews), keys and additional items only I would find important such as the key chain I received went I went to nationals in '98 for Ultimate Frisbee. All gone.

Three days earlier I had told someone I don't get surprised, that

Austin It was a big day. One interview and four films scheduled. It all began with the documentary "Crawford." It was all about the city that George W. Bush made famous by moving there before his run for presidency. The film is definitely slanted a little to the left and the political conversation has been done before, but it does a good job of capturing the people of the small town and the time when Cindy Sheehan decided to set up her protest. Next I grabbed a bite at Joe's to enjoy the greatest tuna melt sandwich of all time, then I sprinted over to the Four Season's to interview Seann William Scott.

Ouch. Scott didn't show, it's all part of the business and I quickly shrugged it off and prepared to

Austin I have been excited about day light savings time for a while. In fact, I think it's George W. Bush's second best move as president. Here's my entire list of great things Bush has accomplished. 1. Gave more money toBono than any other president for AIDS in Africa. 2. Shorten day light savings time. That's it. That's the list.

Well, SXSW has a way of making someone forget about the rest of the world. I woke up at 9:15 a.m. which quickly became 10:15 a.m. once it dawned on me, and luckily I was able to make it to my 11 a.m. screening of "Some Assembly Required."

It's a documentary about middle school kids creating and designing a toy for a national competition. About 20 kids and teachers were in the audience