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SXSW 2008 - Day Four

Austin It was a big day. One interview and four films scheduled. It all began with the documentary "Crawford." It was all about the city that George W. Bush made famous by moving there before his run for presidency. The film is definitely slanted a little to the left and the political conversation has been done before, but it does a good job of capturing the people of the small town and the time when Cindy Sheehan decided to set up her protest. Next I grabbed a bite at Joe's to enjoy the greatest tuna melt sandwich of all time, then I sprinted over to the Four Season's to interview Seann William Scott.

Ouch. Scott didn't show, it's all part of the business and I quickly shrugged it off and prepared to interview Steve Conrad, who directed Scott in "The Promotion." I would have been annoyed but a one-on-one with a Chicago director, who also wrote "The Pursuit of Happyness" seemed like a good backup. I was right. Plus, he and I both have doctor wives so we had a good bit to talk about. It's amazing after a good interview I always end of rooting for these guys. It doesn't affect my opinion of the film, I swear, but now I will be following Conrad's career a little more closely.

I had some time to kill, so I sucked up my personal opinion about killers, and went to see the bull killing movie. "The Matador" was a beautiful film with a wonderful score that showcased the life of David Fandila and his quest to become the world's top-ranked bull-fighter. I was educated, but my opinion hasn't changed. Bullfighting just isn't cool. The fact that they cut the bull beforehand to make him weaker is one of my main hangups. And for the record, I try to eat organic and free-range whenever possible.

I slowly made my way to "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." You might not know about the film, but you've probably seen odd billboards about hating Sarah Marshall. It's from the "Superbad" team starring Jason Segel, Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis with small parts from Bill Hader, Jonah Hill and Paul Rudd. The crowd was jazzied and Segel, Bell (insanely small in real life) and Kunis were on hand to introduce the film.

I found a spot in the back row, which had some extra leg room since it led into the handicap section. This seems like a good time to explain the Paramount theater. It's old and beautiful. Everyone loves it except for me. I am 6'5" and the theater was made for someone that was 5'6". Plus, the sound wasn't great (slightly muffled). So right before the film was about to start, Harry Knowles (the creator of Ain't It Cool News) wheeled right in front of me. I'm not sure why he was in a wheelchair, though I heard he hurt his back a while ago. Big man. I hope he can get a hold of his weight situation. Luckily, sitting perfectly erect, I could see the screen, which then led to seeing Segel's penis. Three times I think, though my brain is doing it's best to repress.

I then had a decision to make. "Frontrunners" or a party with my brother-in-law. I had no idea it would be the most important decision of my life... But it's Day Four, and I can't bring myself to talk about this until Day Five.

Song of the Day: Arcade Fire's "Antichrist Television Blues"

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