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SXSW 2008 - Day Five

AustinOK, it's actually the night of Day Four. We pick up with me making a decision. Either go see "Frontrunners" or go to a party with my brother-in-law. I chose the party. Some people were dressed up in costumes (though I was unsure why), I had a couple PBR's and met a Chicago film producer. Then we headed back to his car... My life was stolen. That's an exaggeration. Everything that was important to me was stolen. His car was broken in to. Computer,iPod , notes, voice recorder (with my interviews), keys and additional items only I would find important such as the key chain I received went I went to nationals in '98 for Ultimate Frisbee. All gone. Three days earlier I had told someone I don't get surprised, that nothing could rattle me. I was wrong. After filing a police report, I tried to sleep it off but that didn't work. I dreamed I had found it. The next morning I skipped my massage scheduled at my sister-in-law's spa (Milk & Honey, I highly recommend) and wandered the streets looking for clues. I tried to force myself into a good mood, convinced my renter's insurance would take care of my pain. Harry Potter and BBQ helped. My last film was "We Are Wizards." A documentary about the culture that the Harry Potter books have created. But mainly it was about an 8-year-old who is hyper (his parent's call him creative) and a band called Harry and the Potters, which I actually saw perform in Portland years ago. Not a bad film, but the BBQ was better. We had Lamberts in downtown Austin. The mac & cheese, roasted green chili queso , brown sugar brisket, pulled pork, maple pork ribs and waffle fries hit the spot. Don't worry, I had a Diet Coke. After that, I went to the airport and bought a magazine to start reading about what kind of new Mac I would be purchasing.

Song of the Day: "Falling Slowly" from the film "Once," but I was only able to imagine it since my iPod was stolen.

Never Back Down

SXSW 2008 - Day Four