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SXSW 2008 - Day Two

Austin I know you think Chicago does Mexican food well, but you're wrong. El Chilito is the perfect example of why. A small place just outside of the city and it has the best breakfast tacos and pork tacos I've ever had. Breakfast tacos are a standard out here, not a rarity. So the day started with El Chilito, and then I was off to interview Doug Benson, the pot-smoking star of "Super High Me."

Just like pot, and just like the movie, he was nice, relaxing, but really nothing was accomplished. Good times. He asked where I was from, and when I told him Chicago he said, "I'll be there performing April 4 and 5." And while I responded with a sorry, that I would be out of town (taking down a casino in Kansas City) I realized he wanted me to help promote the show. So we shared a laugh at my expensive. And no, he wasn't high.

Next I saw "The Toe Tactic." I will now explain the plot perfectly even though you won't understand. A young woman who hasn't emotionally recovered from the death of her father has four animated dogs from another dimension play a card game influencing her life. I love when a filmmaker takes a huge creative risk... This risk didn't really work for me. Kevin Corrigan, a face you immediately would recognize, was in the film and the crowd.

Then it was off to interview Kal Penn, John Cho and Neil Patrick Harris from "Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay." Things started off great when I was given a free t-shirt and cheesecake. But then the interview ended up being a roundtable with eight other journalists and it only lasted 15 minutes. This was a shock and it totally bummed me out.

I was in a mood, then I was totally annoyed with myself considering I was at my first film festival in 60 degree weather. What the hell was my problem? I decided I wouldn't be able to do the "Explicit Ills" screening since it was just depress me more so instead I would see "Harold & Kumor" which everyone liked from the screening yesterday that I missed. But first it was "Then She Found Me."

Helen Hunt's first time directing, and I wasn't expecting much. It co-stars Matthew Broderick, Bette Milder and Colin Firth. Hunt was the only one there and introduced the film telling us she has been trying for 10 years to make it. Sometimes a good film is all you need, and that is exactly what I got. It's a must see adult romance/drama with great real-life comedy sprinkled throughout. I was blown away.

In such a good mood, I figured I could handle "Explicit Ills." This also meant I would not be seeing "Harold & Kumar" while I was here. Probably 30 people from the cast and crew were there and at one point I was standing next to Rosario Dawson. Yes, she looks good. Jim Sturgess from "21" was also there. Even while I was stuck in the front row at the Alamo Drafthouse it was a powerful film especially when you realize the true message and the life that director/writer Mark Webber has gone through. It's the only film in the narrative competition that I will be seeing (out of eight) and I am thinking it will win. Also, the Alamo serves food and drink during the film so my two Lone Star beers and green chile mac & cheese did nothing to hurt my appreciation of the film. It was a great night after an OK day.

Song of the Day - Vampire Weekend's "Mansard Roof"

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