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SXSW 2008 - Epilogue

Epilogue: I am happy to report dealing with my insurance company went smoothly. Mainly because my wife keeps receipts, so that's another reason to get married for all you unorganized guys out there. I only lost the last six months of my life as that was the last time I backed up my computer. Now it's just a matter of deciding if I should upgrade to the MacBook Air and iPhone or not.

As for SXSW. It was a great first festival. There weren't as many stars walking the streets as I had expected, but I've decided that is a good thing. This film festival really is about the movie fan. Every person that sat down was really pumped to see a film. At first, this was disturbing when "21" kept getting laughs and applause even though I thought it was as annoying as splitting 10s. But eventually the crowds became contagious (and the films got better). For every comedy I saw, I feel like I'll enjoy it a second time because there were so many jokes I couldn't hear over the laughter. Having the director and actors in the crowd, speaking before and/or after the film gave it all a rooting quality. I was hoping for the best. Even after my life was stolen.

From Best to Worst 1. Then She Found Me 2. Some Assembly Required 3. The Promotion 4. Forgetting Sarah Marshall 5. Super High Me 6. Explicit Ills 7. Crawford 8. We Are Wizards 9. The Matador 10. 21 11. The Toe Tactic

Sean Faris - Never Back Down

Never Back Down