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Sean Faris - Never Back Down

Sean Faris, star of the new mixed martial arts (MMA) flick Never Back Down might be a new face in Hollywood, but the 25-year-old got a jump on acting when he was just a kid. The Cleveland native, who bears a striking resemblance to Tom Cruise, used to tell people the Top Gun star was his dad.

But these days, Faris is making a name for himself.

Jeff Bayer talked with Faris about the Hollywood scene, Karate Kid and whipping himself into shape for his new film.

When you auditioned for the role of Jake Tyler, did you have to turn it on athletically? I had to do a fight test... I wasn't much of a kicker at all, but they saw enough to know that with the training I would be fine. What they didn't want was another Karate Kid where it was like, come on there's no way he's going to win this. I mean, the crane?

What was the training like before filming started? Six hours a day, six days a week. Lots of fighting, lots of stretching, lots of dancing...not dancing, fight choreography, which is like dancing. I [gained] 15 pounds, shot the movie and the last three weeks when we shot all the fight scenes, I lost 17 pounds. We were doing 12 hours a day of fight scenes.

You live in L.A. now. Do you hit the clubs very often? That L.A. Hollywood scene? No. I jump in and jump out. In any given week I'll go out twice, in any given month I won't go out at all. I'm not one to be out and about, especially if I've got work the next day.

Are you single right now? Yes. It's a hard business to have a significant other in. On the road filming, [you're] surrounded by 500 beautiful extras who all want to go home with the lead actor. I'm not a huge fan of that because they only want to hang out because I'm the lead. If I was the bottom of the barrel supporting guy...

And now for some rapid-fire style questions to what Sean Faris is all about...

What did you have for breakfast this morning? Filet mignon and eggs. It was fantastic.

Did you miss out on anything because of the writers' strike? Hell, no! I went to Europe. I went on vacation, man. I went to Amsterdam, Munich and London.

What's the last album you bought? Jay-Z's newest, from [the movie] American Gangster

Favorite recent movie? 3:10 to Yuma or No Country for Old Men

Favorite Sports Team? Cleveland Cavs

Something you can't wait to do? Take two days off and just relax

What's your favorite dessert? I don't eat sweets. I eat fruit. Clementines.

Worst job you ever had? Filling propane tanks in the hot summer.

Your weakness? Beautiful eyes

Favorite drink? Dirty martini

What superpower would you want? Flight

Food you hate? McDonald's

Age when you had your first kiss? Six

Favorite childhood toy? My big wheel

What's in your pockets? Burt's Bees chap stick, hotel room key, iPhone, and my Chrome Hearts wallet.

Favorite charity? Any charity for kids

Tattoos? None

Who would you be for 24 hours? I'd like to be president--but not George W. Bush.


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