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TSR Buzz: Prometheus is rising, Winter is coming and cats are beatboxing

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  • Are you as excited for Prometheus as I am? The trailer looks fabulous, and so do these two viral clips. The first is a Ted talk from the head of Weyland industries (of Weyland-Yutani fame). The second shows a new android that looks suspiciously like Michael Fassbender. I knew he was too pretty to be human.



  • The Walking Dead is over, now I'm waiting for Game of Thrones. Will it be as good as last season? I don't know, but hey, there are dragons! And direwolves! And sexposition! Let's hope it's not only naked ladies this year. Come on, you think women and gay men aren't watching?

  • I haven't been super-impressed by Julia Roberts upcoming Snow White movie, Mirror Mirror. But this social networking ad is pretty clever.


  • Sometimes I have stuff I want to do that doesn't require a professional but I just can't handle it myself and I've run out of friends to harass. Taskrabbit looks like it might fill that void perfectly. It's already available in Portland and Chicago!
  • Do you like beatboxing cats? Yes.



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