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TSR Buzz: Watch your man, Robyn's in the house! Misfits are coming back and Murder House is for sale.

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  • OMG, Robyn was on SNL this week and she knocked it out of the park. I'm going to have to include both her performances, she did "Call Your Girlfriend" and "Dancing on My Own."

  • Misfits is coming back! To Hulu that is. To get prepared for the absence of a major character this season, watch this short film. Or just know that Nathan won't be back, either way.

  • Remember Miike Snow? OK, it was only two years ago, it's not like they've been on hiatus for 10 years or anything. But this video still feels like an unexpected gift. Just in time for Christmas, enjoy the "Devil's Work".


The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol