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TSR Buzz: Doc Watch with Banksy, A Blast From Conan O'Brien's Past and Kevin Smith's Coming To Visit

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  • Oscar Nominations were just announced!  One of the most pleasant surprises was the inclusion of the Banksy directed Exit Through the Gift Shop, one of the funniest and most entertaining documentaries I've seen.  I half think it was nominated in hopes that the elusive Banksy will actually appear at the awards.  I doubt that will happen, but you should still see the film.  It's currently up on Hulu. Watch it below.

  • Staten Island's PS22 Chorus has been invited to perform at the Oscar ceremony this year.  I love watching their videos, I was in the school choir at their age and we had a draconian teacher.  She terrified everyone.  On the rare occasions I see other people who went to that school, we swap horror stories.  I can't tell you how much I would have loved to have been in a choir like this one instead.


  • The other day I was perusing Reddit when someone mentioned Conan's 1864 Baseball segment.  I watched it again and nearly died laughing.  If you haven't seen it, you must.


  • I've only recently started watching Parks and Recreation, but still find this hilarious.  Who is Duke Silver?
  • Kevin Smith is done with the broken studio system!  He plans on distributing his new film, Red State, himself.  To that end, he'll be touring around the country introducing the film himself at selected screenings.  Right now, the closest he's coming to Portland is Seattle, but maybe that will change.  Request a screening in PDX here.

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