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TSR Buzz: Political Cats, Will Ferrell Shaves Conan O'Brien, and loving Okkervil River

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  • This is the best cover of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" I've ever heard, and I'm a big fan of the song. Why didn't anyone think to use a percussion fridge before?


  • I try to follow politics but it's just too tedious sometimes. Some genius in the UK decided to make one of their political referendums accessible to the slobbering, internet following masses by adding cat lulz. The result is a very entertaining video that makes me look super smart by getting me up to date on the UK alternative vote referendum as well as introducing the internet's newest star: Reform Cat!


  • In Trey Parker/Matt Stone news, The Book of Mormon has been nominated for 14 Tonys! I've heard great things about it and am dying to see it. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any videos online, I guess they haven't performed on any talk shows yet. But the soundtrack is available on May 17th. Until then, we'll watch an oldie. Yes, there are bad words. Suck it up.


  • Will Ferrell really wants to shave Conan's beard. If he was coming at me with a razor, I would hide.

  • Finally, I've been really loving Okkervil River lately. Their new album comes out on May 10th, but until then here's "For Real" from the album Black Sheep Boy. The animation is pretty great too.


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