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TSR Buzz: Chris O'Dowd on Conan O'Brien, Justin Timberlake is a Modern Mozart, and Andy Samberg meets Bert

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  • I saw Bridesmaids last weekend and loved it. It's both ridiculously funny and very touching. It also introduced me to Melissa McCarthy, Rebel Wilson and Chris O'Dowd. The latter is very funny in this clip from Conan.

  • SNL finished up it's season with a Justin Timberlake hosted episode last Saturday. This sketch didn't make the completed show, but it's definitely worth seeing. Maybe a little too close to home? Have to say I totally respect him for being willing to make fun of himself.


  • Continuing the SNL theme, Andy Samberg's making all the talk show rounds for The Lonely Island's new album. He even sat down with the premiere talk show host of our generation.


  • And part 2 of the interview.


  • Minnesota doesn't allow same sex marriage, and now it's going so far as to make it illegal according to the constitution. Republican John Krisel makes an impassioned speech before his fellow senators, going against party lines.



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