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TSR Buzz: Arcade Fire, Biz Markie and the TSA is touching your junk

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  • Arcade Fire appeared on SNL this past weekend and totally nailed it.  Probably the most exciting music performance I've seen on the show.  Let's see if Florence and the Machine can one up them when they appear next weekend.

  • Speaking of amazing musical performances, Jimmy Fallon may not have the best late night show, but he has some really great moments.  For the second week in a row, I have a clip from his show, but I just can't resist!  Jeff Goldblum and Biz Markie get together to perform "Just A Friend" and it's kind of magical.

  • Oh auto correct, you are the funniest comic out there today.  Also, do people really breakup over text?  That's not cool.
  • Why lose weight when you can just reposition your fat?  I mean, what do you think Spanx are for?


  • The Song-a-Day guy is jumping on the anti-TSA bandwagon.  You can also pick up some t-shirts showing what Homeland Security is all about.


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