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TSR Buzz: Downton Abbey on SPIKE, I finally hear Gotye and When Pugs Attack

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  • I love Downton Abbey, it has great characters and the clothes are awesome. But SNL asked, what if it was on SPIKE TV? Unfortunately, their version is hilarious and really spot on. I had to borrow from Perez Hilton for this one.

  • I'm behind the times, I only fell in love with Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know" this week. But on the off chance that anyone else hasn't heard this utterly amazing song, I will include it below.


  • Comedy Central has a new sketch show called Key & Peele. The comparisons to the Chappelle Show are very apparent, it looks like they're using the same set and the structure is the same. The first episode is hit and miss, but this sketch is great about a guy trying to get a medical marijuana card and doing a crappy job.


  • A vicious herd of pugs attack an innocent ball, and the results are adorable.


  • Improv Everywhere strikes again (or re-strikes, this is a redone version of an old mission), inviting the folks of 99% white Aspen, Colorado to meet a black guy.


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