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'Dark Shadows' starring Johnny Depp - trailer review

Dark Shadows Directed by: Tim Burton Starring: Johnny Depp, Eva Green, Helena Bonham Carter Rating: Not Yet Rated Release Date: May 11, 2012


Thoughts by TSR: I definitely feel like I’m suffering from Tim Burton/Johnny Depp fatigue, but when I look through their collaborations I find that I like more of the films than I dislike. The issue is that the one I hate – Alice in Wonderland – is also the most recent. When I heard they were teaming up once again, my first reaction was to roll my eyes. That’s why I’m so pleased that I enjoyed most of this trailer for Dark Shadows.

It doesn’t all work – a few punch lines fall flat – but overall I'm a fan of the trailer’s look and tone. Depp’s opening narration that introduces us to Barnabas Collins is nice and creepy, but after that it’s mostly a series of one-liners and comedic set pieces (something I suspect fans of the series might take umbrage with). Like I said, not all of them work, but Depp being baffled by the television made me laugh. As much as I like Depp here – indeed, this looks like it could be one of his most appealing performances in a few years – Eva Green steals the show. She looks like she’s having a blast in this role, and I love everything she’s doing, especially the look on her face as she “plays” the piano.

Of course, as usually is the case with Burton’s movies, the design elements are all top notch – most notably Colleen Atwood’s costumes and the production design by Rick Heinrichs. The impressive craft elements don’t surprise me, but I am shocked by how much I enjoyed the rest. I could very well end up getting burned, but for now I’m just happy to be genuinely looking forward to another Burton/Depp film.


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