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TSR Buzz: Pottermore, Cirque du Soleil's first pitch, Southie reacts to Whitey

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  • Growing up near Boston, mobster Whitey Bulger was basically the boogeyman. He has a disturbing history of power and violence in the area, and seemed to be extremely elusive to any FBI hunts. Although we may have never had a personal interaction with him, it was always a bit bizarre to think that he could very well be in our neighborhood, blending in with normal citizens. This feeling changed last week when Whitey Bulger was finally caught in California. Cue the reactions of those who were in Whitey's mob neighborhood, South Boston. Don't bother trying to count the teeth, but just know that Ben Affleck might have been a little kind with his representation of the area in his film The Town.


  • I wish I could write reviews like this.

Pizzeria Review

  • Here's a first pitch by a performer from Cirque du Soleil at a Royals vs. Padres baseball game. As Youtube comments have sharply noted, this is a balk. Not a bad pitch.


  • Is Pottermore.com an eventual source for more Potter? Not exactly. I can imagine some Harry Potter fans being extremely disappointed by this website, which is the child of J.K Rowling and some greedy suits. Oh boy, a place to buy the "Harry Potter" eBooks! But how about a new story, instead of dishing out small details meant for stories already told?


  • In a couple of hours I'll be off to catch a screening of the film Larry Crowne. While the preview doesn't look that promising, Tom Hanks' previous directorial effort at least showed some enjoyable breeziness. Let's hope that Larry Crowne doesn't erase my affection for That Thing You Do!, which also has a killer pop soundtrack.


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