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TSR Buzz: Rebecca Black strikes back, leisure diving, cats help me understand the Harry Potter films

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  • Rebecca Black rises from the flaming wreckage of her infamous internet sensation "Friday" with her new song, "My Moment." Her lyrics are very conscious of all her Youtube naysayers, but her vocals still sound a bit flat. I haven't read the Youtube comments on this proud tune, but the video does have a million views in only twenty-four hours.


  • Now that the backlash on the act of "planking" has begun, some folks of the internet have come up with something much funnier, and more safe - the leisure dive. Here is a gallery to introduce you to what will hopefully be one of the summer's biggest fads.

A gallery of "Leisure Diving"

  • Jet packs are a tough business. Even on the morning news.


  • I committed a giant sin, apparently, when I reviewed Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 without having seen all of the other films, and having read all of the books. Dry your tears, commenting folk, as I now can say I'm up to speed with the franchise thanks to the help of these talking cats.


Take Me Home Tonight - Blu-ray review

Winnie the Pooh