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TSR Buzz: The Alamo Drafthouse strikes back, Cooking for A**holes, Daniel Plainview smiles

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  • Grand Rapids, Michigan strikes back against naysayers with this touching music video that features hundreds of citizens lip-dubbing along to "American Pie." Covered in one take, this nine-minute video spans multiple streets and features many different Don McCleans.


  • I suck at cooking, and reading cooking books can be an intimidating, crusty experience. Thank Godard someone knows how to speak my language. Time to get sophisticated. (Language NSFW)

Cooking for Assholes

  • There are many reasons why the Alamo Drafthouse is probably the best theater in the entire world, but their crusade against movie-talkers and texters ranks is one of its more special. The theater chain in Austin, Texas is dedicated to offering moviegoers uninterrupted experiences, the way every movie theater should be. Here's their recent "Don't Text" PSA, which has been making internet rounds this week. (Language NSFW)


  • This might be a bit boring to others, but feel free to watch Daniel Day Lewis break character here in some There Will Be Blood outtakes. He cracks a smile at around the 2:17 mark, and the outtake cuts out immediately.


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