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TSRn: Twilight eclipses 'The Social Network,' 'Inception' at 2011 MTV Movie Awards

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News: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse continued the franchise's insignificant domination of the MTV Movie Awards with more awards, only losing for "Best Villain." The line "I want to get chocolate wasted!" beat two quotes from The Social Network for the "Best Line From A Movie" award.

Source: MTV.com

Thoughts by TSR: Xavier Samuel, you really screwed up this one up. Eclipse had this thing bagged and tagged, and the entire Twilight franchise had turned MTV into its PR slave for the last few years. Do you think it's a coincidence that the new Breaking Dawn trailer was premiered the same night that Eclipse trounced Inception for "Best Movie"? No. It's all a cycle, and you were almost clumsy enough to slow it down for a few seconds.

Just kidding, Xavier. Being upset about the results of the fan-voted MTV Movie Awards is equal to crying to Calhoun or Aaron in our Trailer Review section about when they don't like a certain preview. The MTV Movie Awards are just one big three-hour summer movie trailer, designed to inform teenagers as to what's coming out this summer. It's full of awkward plugs from out-of-place Hollywood personalities, and is completed by cacophonous whoops and hollers from deranged screeching fans (and I still this year's event waiting for me on TiVo).

That being said, the MTV Movie Awards at least let us know what the kids are watching, and enjoying. Emma Stone's performance in Easy A beat out Zach Galifianakis and Russell Brand, and Justin Bieber's lapdance in Never Say Never beat James Franco's horrifying moment in 127 Hours for the award of "Best Jaw-Dropping Moment." Eh, go figure. Here's to two more years of Twilight dominance, and then it'll be the Hunger Games' turn. Either way, Oscar is only dimmed by this award show, and the Razzies.


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