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TSR Buzz - "Who Is Arcade Fire?", Radiohead and Lady Gaga Return, Who Needs A Movie?

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  • The entire world was apparently turned on its head when alternative group The Arcade Fire beat the likes of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry for the Grammy of "Best Record of the Year." A small triumph for the Pitchfork-crowd, it's simultaneously a head scratching moment for apparently a lot of other Grammy viewers (those who wanted Gaga, Perry, or even Eminem to win). Thus, the creation of this special Tumblr, "Who Is Arcade Fire??!?", which features Twitter rants from those perplexed as to who the band even is. (It's their loss, however. But I must be honest - I haven't even gotten around to listening their award-winning "The Suburbs" just yet. I still haven't even gotten around to listening to R. Kelly's "Love Letter." Does that make me super "indie"?)

Who Is Arcade Fire??!?

  • Aside from the Grammys that Lady Gaga did win and that egg she traveled in, there's another victory for Lady Gaga fans. She's releasing a new album soon, and here's the first single - "Born This Way." Some say that this too easily channels 90's Madonna. I think it just sounds mediocre.


  • That Justin Bieber movie came out last week. For those who think that he's totally bogus, I give the kid kudos for doing something like this. And for making me laugh hard unexpectedly.

  • It's been a while since I've listened to Radiohead, but I still love them. You've got to love that their marketing mentality is "By the way, we're releasing a new album this week!" However, unlike their previous In Rainbows, you can't pay whatever you like. Too many people must have gone for the bare minimum (this guy).

New Radiohead Album - The King of Limbs

  • "Wild Bill" has awesome team spirit, and a great collection of Disney-related costumes. A NSFW chant at the end, even though this was on ESPN.

  • The question of this video should not be, "Who Needs A Movie?" Instead, it should be, "What Multimillion Feature Film Project Can We Get Signed To?" Fred and Sharon would make a killer Rabbit Hole-esque drama. Or they'd make a great documentary about cats.


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