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'Conan The Barbarian' starring Jason Momoa - Trailer Review

Conan The Barbarian Directed by: Marcus Nispel Starring: Jason Momoa, Ron Perlman, Rose McGowan Rating: Not Yet Rated Release Date: August 19, 2011


Thoughts by TSR: Back in March, I'd lamented this film's teaser, like none before -- it was the first and only time that I'd ever given a trailer a score of 1/10. Happily, after seeing this full-on trailer, I've gotta say I've done a 180. Conan the Barbarian looks really good, a heckuva lot better than anticipated anyway -- especially after that awful teaser.

Things I dug about this trailer: 1) The music. I really hope the film itself features some metal riffs like this (a la Kull the Conqueror), it's a perfect combination. 2) The landscapes. Beautifully rendered CGI panoramas, well-textured and in line with the Hyboria that Conan fans know and love. 3) Jason Momoa. I slagged him off a bunch in my teaser review, but after seeing him in action, I'm thinking he's gonna do A-OK. 4) The creatures & villains. The many different creatures and villains in this trailer seem to accurately reflect the many creatures and villains from the books. 5) The wenching. What good is slaughtering creatures and villains if you don't have something nice waiting for you when you get home? No good at all, that's what. Conan is all about the wenching, and it looks like this treatment will honor that.

My only fears about this film hinge on director Marcus Nispel's dubious track record (See Pathfinder, er, don't see it). Hopefully this will be Nispel's breakout film.

After seeing this trailer, I’m happily surprised at how good this film looks. I’m sure it’ll still be a B-film, but it looks pretty darn fun!


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