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TSR Buzz - "Pimps Don't Cry" and the "Jurassic Park" dinosaurs don't shut up

With TSR Buzz, you’ll find links to articles, videos and other random things that will help you waste your time just a little bit more.

  • If you stayed for the end credits of Will Ferrell comedy The Other Guys, you experienced two things - the most informative closing credits of the year, and this groovy slow-jam sung by Cee-Lo and Eva Mendes.

  • Every now and then I like to share hands-on time killers that expand upon the creativity inside all of us. This week, I present the Artpad, which allows you to become Bob Ross without any clunky MS Paint handling. Voila.
  • The perfect billboard, in honor of the perfect business cards from American Psycho. Oddly, the billboard doesn't also say, "Don't just stare at it - watch it."
  • In honor of Labor Day, my roommate watched all three Jurassic Park movies in a row, a patriotic feat that reminded me of this video. Some of you will find humor in its silliness, and some of you will think this is one of the dumbest vids on the internet. Personally, I never thought that the word "Hello!" could be this funny.


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