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'The Freebie' starring Dax Shepard - trailer review

The Freebie Directed by: Katie Aselton Starring: Dax Shepard, Katie Aselton, Bellamy Young Rating: R Release Date: Sept. 17, 2010 (Limited)


MY THOUGHTS: It's been a good past couple of weeks for blockbusters and Oscar fare, but what about the much beloved indie? Katie Aselton's The Freebie reminded me of why I fell in in love with these smaller movies in the first place. On the surface, for some reason (probably because Dax Shepard is involved) they're trying to sell it as a comedy. Personally, this seems like the wrong approach. Sure, it looks like there are plenty of comedic elements, but an intense examination and reflection on a couple's marriage? That just doesn't sound that funny to me. Still, The Freebie looks like it's worth checking out if you can wrap your head around Dax Shepard in a comedic role. Then again, relationship movies have just about always been my thing. Well, not like The Notebook or those kinds of movies, but the more sadistic kind, like Your Friends & Neighbors. Regardless of your stance when it comes to relationships or relationship movies, it looks like The Freebie promises plenty of hard-hitting questions in a day where movies shy away from the unpleasant. That isn't to say I know where this movie's going to end up. I could totally picture a whole scene of the two leads running to each other, out of breath saying, 'I couldn't do it! I love you too much!" but here's hoping for some more originality and some memorable dramatic performances from first-time director Katie Aselton and always affable Dax Shepard.

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