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TSR Buzz - I Have Mel Gibson's Rant Tape

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  • One of my personal favorite artists, R. Kelly, is a man of many moments. Some of them more legal than others, certainly. In honor of America's past birthday, here is his interpretation of our national anthem, which is probably one of the more unique renditions ever heard at a sports event (with an exception of Roseanne's, of course). Is this offensive? Unique? Danceable? You decide. "Clap your hands, y'all!"

  • Speaking of "The World's Greatest," ... ladies and gentlemen, I present to you another glorious gift from the internet. It is called Grooveshark. Imagine the world's iTunes collection accessible at the click of a track pad. Totally free. Make playlists. Listen to music you wouldn't buy but just want to hear temporarily. Pick your jaw up from the floor. Repeat.

I have recently been caught up on the G20 Summit madness, and have come across two special videos on Youtube, one of them more serious than the other.

  • First we have a nutjob who is on the fringe of becoming a meme/an internet legend (They [meaning the trolls of the internet] have already made remixes in his honor.) There is no word yet on whether he threw a flaming trash can into the window of the mall, or if he noticed that at 0:15 in this video, someone is being redirected to another way into the building. We still don't know if the door ever had the decency to answer his question.

  • Now, we have a striking collection of footage from a random Youtube filmmaker who got right into the protesting madness of Toronto with his camera. Keep in mind, this is not just any home video footage. This is well-shot, well-edited, and well-paced material considering its "amateur" level. For those curious to see what a billion dollars of security looks like in action, (or doesn't, actually), check this out. Eerie.

  • And finally, to end things on a lighter note ... my friend Greg Benson at MediocreFilms has discovered the Mel Gibson rant tape. You can thank him after you stop laughing.

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