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'Paranormal Activity 2' - teaser trailer review

Paranormal Activity 2- Teaser Trailer Directed by: Tod WIlliams Starring: TBD Rating: NR Release Date: October 22, 2010


MY THOUGHTS: There's already some controversy surrounding this one. The long and short of it is evidently some folks complained that the trailer was too scary after seeing at it at a midnight screening of Eclipse. I figured why the hell not check it out? I wasn't a huge fan of the first one, which felt tedious beyond my wildest dreams until the cop out of an ending so I can't say I was too happy that a franchise was born out of it. Nevertheless, for a teaser trailer, I've seen worse. I'm not losing sleep over what I saw or anything, but the teen fans of Twilight I could see how it would be a bit much. I know that it's only a teaser and all, but I can't help but wish that there was a little more continuity to it. Not listing any of the actors or even what the movie is about doesn't create an air of mystery for me. It's just frustrating if you ask me. Needless to say, with the "too scary for theaters" press the movie is already receiving, this movie could do pretty well for itself, but it's not likely you'll see me in that theater. It could have its enjoyable moments, but since I'm still working on keeping my rage over Paranormal Activity in check, it probably isn't a good idea for me to see this sequel anytime soon.

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