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'Drive Angry 3D' starring Nicolas Cage - teaser trailer review

Drive Angry 3D - Teaser Trailer Directed by: Patrick Lussier Starring: Nicolas cage, William Fichtner, Amber Heard Rating: NR Release Date: February 11, 2011


MY THOUGHTS: OK, before we get started, yes, we've all seen this movie before. Angry guy gets revenge after his daughter falls in with the wrong crowd and gets herself killed. See, last year it was called Edge of Darkness with a vague political undercurrent starring Mel "Anti-semite, racist" Gibson. Why give it such a high grade then? Well, that can be answered best by another Nic Cage movie. Some of you may remember the ill-fated remake of The Wicker Man? Easily one of the worst movies I've ever seen, but in the best way. I know I'm confusing right now, but let me ask you, did anybody not laugh when he attacked the woman in the bear suit? I know I did. Going into Drive Angry which is apparently 3D, although I can't imagine what's in 3D in it, I have low expectations. Will it make a lot of sense? Probably not. Will it feature Nicolas cage saying one-liners and walking away from explosions all slow-motion and stuff? Probably more times than I care to count. That being said, my reasoning behind such a high rating is what we'll call "the schlock factor." It looks more grindhouse and exploitation than some of the stuff put out these days which claim to be "grindhouse." Points off for the use of 3D, but I can almost guarantee this movie will make a great drinking game when it comes out. Until then? Just grin and bare it.

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