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'Drive Angry 3D' starring Nicolas Cage - trailer review

Drive Angry 3D Directed by: Patrick Lussier Starring: Nicolas Cage, William Fichtner, Amber Heard Rating: NR Release Date: February 11, 2011

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Wow.  After watching this trailer, I needed a moment to collect my thoughts.  Cage has made a lot of bad films since getting his Oscar for Leaving Las Vegas, but this one looks like it's at a whole other level.  Cobbled together from the dregs of other films, Cage's character comes back from hell (like in Ghost Rider), finds a hot chick who's channeling Daisy Duke (Dukes of Hazard aka hot southern girl with short shorts) and trying to avoid Satan's handyman (Fichtner in Agent Smith mode).  Cage hits all the classic marks, crazy-ass hair, mumbling badassery (in the preview he even taunts the devil), and shooting anyone randomly.  I haven't even had a chance to mention that the bad guy is a cult leader who stole a baby.  Seriously?  I like that it's called Drive Angry 3D.  Even the filmmakers know that's the only selling point for this winner.  Unless I end up reviewing it, which is unlikely, don't think I'll be seeing it.

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