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TSR Buzz - Episode IV: Bateman Kisses Rain Man

It's time for me to come out of the iTunes-ophile closet and proclaim that, "Yes, while I may spend a lot of my time thinking about movies that no one may ever want to see, I happen to like music a lot also." That's the only way I explain the unintentional trend in this latest version of TSR Buzz, which consists of bro-mancing, very amusing moments in music, and ... a little bit more Bieber. I dedicate this TSR Buzz to Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. In honor of that brilliant movie, this fourth episode also kicks ass, and will probably entertain you to no end.

With TSR Buzz, you’ll find links to articles, videos and other random things that will help you waste your time just a little bit more.

  • Hey, how about a song/video to go along with what might have just exploded from out of your mouth? OK Go, the adult-pop band once known for dancing on treadmills, have returned to dominate Youtube with another video that will blow your mind and grab your ears with its awesome catchiness. Good luck resisting the urge to not spontaneously groove while listening to this Prince-inspired tune. And yes, that IS a cowbell solo.

  • Wow, what a great video, right? Now here's some cats explaining the oil spill situation. I guarantee you that you'll find this version of Tony Hayward even more cute and cuddly.

  • There are “sharp-dressed men” who become fish out of water all the time, apparently. Check out this (hilariously enthusiastic) drummer who rocks ZZ Top out of the stone age and into a family outdoor festival.

  • Comedian Aziz Ansari hosted a fairly dull MTV Movie Awards show a couple nights ago. But whenever he was on stage, things were actually funny. Here is the "Human Giant" co-star combining two of my favorite things into one: R. Kelly and teasing people about Avatar.

  • Actor/songwriting comedian Jon Lajoie doesn’t really expose anything new about the formula behind manufacturing pop music with this parody. But that doesn't stop this song from being brilliant.

  • Did someone say “marketing to young and impressionable insecure teenage girls”? Oh, well, time for another episode of “Justin Bieber Does The Darndest Things.” This time, the Huffington Post reminds us that while door-magnet Justin Bieber may be richer than most of us, but he’s still "a regular 16-year-old kid. I make good grilled cheese and I like girls."

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