‘Who Do You Love’ starring Alessandro Nivola – trailer review

Who Do You Love

Directed by: Jerry Zaks

Starring: Alessandro Nivola, David Oyelowo, Chi McBride

Rating: NR

Release Date: TBA, 2010


MY THOUGHTS: Anyone remember Cadillac records? While the movie itself was pretty forgettable, it touched on a lot of the material that I’m expecting to be repeated in this movie. Cadillac Records boasted some star-studded talent with the likes of Beyonce and Mos Def, but Who Do You Love has set itself up with a very modest cast. While this be its saving grace or its downfall? I’m betting it’ll do wonders (or at least hoping) because there was something about watching Beyonce as Etta James that wouldn’t let me forget it was Beyonce. Although I’ve seen most of these actors in other projects, none have such an overwhelming “presence” we’ll call it, that’ll distract from the movie. The material they’re working with is nothing too original, but with powerful performances, that’s something that can be overlooked. The trailer itself looks a little busy which makes me worry, but then again, they’re trying to convince people to see this movie with only 2:09. All in all, nothing new but could be an interesting take on Chess Records with hopefully a little more to say than Cadillac Records. Check it out below and see for yourself!


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