Define TSR

TSR defines The Scorecard Review

Plot – This is where the basic idea of the film is revealed.
Who’s it For? – Wondering if this movie was made just for you? Here’s the section you check. Also, parents, look here to find out if you should be leaving the kids at home.
Expectations – Not many film critics give you their take before the film. This area is based on any previous notions I’ve had, or thoughts about the previews.

Actors – Each major actor is highlighted in this section and scored on a scale of 0-10. Occasionally, when there is a large cast a section called Rest of Cast will be added and scored.
Talking – This is where the script and how the lines are delivered are torn apart. It’s also where a favorite quote of the film will be remembered. Scored on a scale of 0-10.
Sights – The visuals, special effects, cinematography, costumes and make-up. Scored on a scale of 0-10.
– Sound effects, the score and the soundtrack are all broken down in this section. Scored on a scale of 0-10.

Plot Spoilers
This entire section should be avoided if you like to go into films “fresh.” But if you’re really on the fence about a film, or have already seen it, then enjoy.
Best Scene – Umm… It’s the best scene in the movie.
Ending – While not trying to go into too much detail, the end of the film is discussed.
Questions – This section could also be called “random thoughts.” It could be something I didn’t understand or an item the movie failed to explain.

The overall thoughts and opinions of the film. If in a hurry, just read this section.
Final Score: On a scale of 0-10.
The Scale
0: It’s beyond the worst you could possibly imagine.
1-2: Don’t see this film.
3-4: There might be a few decent scenes. If desperate, see it on DVD.
5-6: Worth renting.
7: Good to see in the theater, great to see at home.
8-9: Great movie, almost perfect.
10: Wow, very difficult to do. Only a few of these will be given each year.

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