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The Scorecard Review (TSR) is an online magazine created by Jeff Bayer, a Chicago film critic now living in Portland. The “Scorecard” format, designed by Bayer, is a specialized review with categories breaking down each major section of a film and giving them a score of 0-10.

The idea is to provide a critique without giving away the entire film, and also create an ongoing conversation with the readers. The bottom line is that we at TSR want to remain movie fans and give the audience the best idea possible whether they should spend their money and time at the movies.

Bayer and his staff also bring entertainment news, interviews, features, the annual TSR awards (with audience voting) and Top 7 lists. The Top 7 provides readers the chance to fill out the rest of the Top 10.

With film critics and writers located in Portland, Seattle and Chicago TSR provides cutting edge reviews and news.

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