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The Surrogates - Trailer

We haven't seen the Bruce Willis we truly love for about two years. Sure, his bearded actor role in Barry Levinson's What Just Happened? may have made us laugh, but that kind of Willis isn't the same as the weapon-wearing one who seems to be the reason for a particular scene's smashed car or crashing helicopter. In fact, the last time we saw anything that resembled action Bruce, was Live Free or Die Hard. We'd have to go way back to 2007 to re-familiarize ourselves - and subsequently, bask in that movie's Bruno brilliance. But, as both Bob Dylan and the trailer for Willis' latest will tell us, "the times are a'changin'." So we don't have just any old kind of Bruce Willis in this preview for The Surrogates - we've got sometimes bald, sometimes blonde haired Bruce Willis. Perusing a world of semi-robotic actual secondary human beings!

These Surrogates provide us pleasures in life we can't experience ourselves, as they seem to be not limited by our insecurities and moral boundaries.

Until ... someone spoils the fun of outer body experiences by murdering people while they are "plugged into" their surrogate. A mystery of man vs. machine commences, with a type of disagreement between the two that might even echo parts of Terminator.

From the looks of the trailer, it seems Bruce will have a few gun-toting, action resembling scenes. But with that same look, The Surrogates feels like it will be a sci-fi action concoction of part Matrix, part Gamer, and even part The Sixth Day.

The Surrogates opens September 25.

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