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The Time Traveler's Wife - Trailer

Ok, so we all thought Bella and Edward had it bad. But apparently, the human/vampire tension of Twilight is nothing compared to the dilemma of The Time Traveler's Wife. Not only does your man act weird and disappear a lot, he goes odd places - in time. Rachel McAdams stars as Clare, a woman who falls in love with Henry. Their relationship is unusual in that Henry has a rare "genetic anomaly" that "causes him to live his life on a shifting timeline."

Though I'm sure this movie will be great for its romantic moments that concern "destiny of being together," the trailer itself poses a question about this particular coupling. For example, how well can Clare really know a guy who barely seems to fully understand the story of his own life? Is it possible she's hooked by the mystery of the relationship, and her drive to hold it together is fueled by its uncertainty? While I'm sure Eric Bana doesn't spend his off time at strip clubs in the past or the future, what else could he be up to? Buying Hallmark cards from different decades? And how much does it totally suck for Clare that Henry disappears - on their wedding night?

Still, Rachel McAdams has proven to have her own magic with romance movies. Expect all of our left over tears from Doc's death in Back to the Future to be utilized at full capacity with this heart-tugging date movie.

Also, while the story claims Claire works at a Chicago library, that is not like any library I've ever seen in Chi-Town. Talk about fantasy.

The Time Traveler's Wife opens August 14, 2009.

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