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Moon - Trailer

Moon is a new sci-fi film starring Sam Rockwell. It will have a limited release, but it will certainly be one of the most unique genre films of the summer. Though devoid of Shia LeBouf, McG, or killer robots, it's going to bring a whole different type of futuristic awesome to cinema. In the film, a space engineer (Rockwell), is stationed at a base on the moon for an extensive amount of time. Living in complete isolation, his only communication is with his super-computer GERTY (voiced by Kevin Spacey). With only weeks left in his contract, Sam begins to see some "strange things." You'll have to watch the trailer to find out exactly what (which is a bit of a spoiler, I must say).

I was lucky enough to catch a screening of this film a little while ago, and though I will not say how good the actual film is, (stay tuned!), I should mention how well the trailer represents it. This preview makes great usage of Clint Mansell's awesome score, but hypes the film towards the wrong direction - it isn't that action packed. However, the trailer does hint well at the dramatic, inner chaos that astronaut Sam encounters throughout Moon.

Regardless, this movie, (wherever it is released) will make for an interesting watch, especially for those who enjoy trips through the mind in the science-fiction arena.

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