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I Love You, Beth Cooper - International Trailer

This is why people like John Hughes are held with astronomical regard over John Tucker. Kids, high school isn't like this. You don't tell the most popular girl in your grade (especially if she's Hayden Panettiere) that you love her during your graduation speech. And she certainly does not respond in the way Panettiere's character Beth Cooper does in the trailer for the new film, I Love You, Beth Cooper, due out July 10th.

I'm all down for a little bit of fantasy and imagination, even if it means constructing bright white lies about the social experiences only Hollywood can dream of. However, something bothers me about movies that look like they take place in high school, but are actually set in unrealistic super dimensions where a screenwriter's unusual gimmick can steer a whole course of events that would never happen. This film looks like its going to have exaggerated stereotypes of a characters with a dweeb as the hero, all presented in a semi-fantastical slapstick world seen in something like John Tucker Must Die. It also looks like a "Heroes" fan's wet dream.

Kudos to the trailer for making my head hurt more with dialogue like "crack him like a walnut" and "you're not alive unless you're livin.''"

However, this preview has done its job, as I am very curious to see (and possibly destroy) this latest entry into high school fallacy. Viva la lies!

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