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Disney's Flight of the Navigator to get a new set of wings

When Disney wants to bring back an animated classic they head back to the Disney Vault and re-release the film on DVD for a limited time before it gets locked away for another 10 or 20 years. With live action, they usually do things differently and just remake the film. This time around Disney is bringing back Flight of the Navigator, the 1986 sci-fi adventure. The original release met limited success at the box office but became a cult hit on VHS. For those that don't remember, the story revolves around a boy who is abducted by an alien ship in 1978 and shows up eight years later, not having aged one bit.

The Hollywood Reporter says that the executive producer of the first film, John Hyde, will step into the same role for the new version. The remake will be written by Brad Copeland who wrote Wild Hogs for Disney and has also written for "Arrested Development" and "My Name is Earl."

I know this is a remake and they'll want to seem fresh but I wouldn't mind Paul Reubens returning as the voice of Max. One thing is for sure, when Disney asks you to see this film the one response they want to hear is, "Compliance."

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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