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Box Office Review - August 15 - Stallone's 'Expendables' pounds Robert's 'Eat Pray Love'

Box office estimates for the weekend of August 13 – 15. Rank. Movie Title – Weekend Gross | Theaters | Total Gross | Week #

1. The Expendables - $35,030,000 I 3,270 I $35,030,000 I 1 complete Expendables coverage

2. Eat Pray Love - $23,700,000 I 3,082 I $23,700,000 I 1 complete Eat Pray Love coverage

3. The Other Guys - $18,000,000 I 3,651 I $70,543,000 I 2 complete Other Guys coverage

4. Inception - $11,370,000 I 3,120 I $248,554,000 I 5 complete Inception coverage

5. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World - $10,525,000 I 2,818 I $10,525,000 I 1 complete Scott Pilgrim coverage

source: boxofficemojo.com

It appears Sylvester Stallone doesn’t need steroids to pack a punch at the box office. The action blockbuster The Expendables led a decisive victory over the rest of the box office in its opening weekend.

Runner up is the Julia Roberts flick Eat Pray Love which has been getting just about everything but praise. The adaptation of the Elizabeth Gilbert memoir of the same name is just the latest from Glee creator Ryan Murphy, but it’s definitely got the female vote.

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are still putting up a fight this weekend. Although it’s slipped from number one to number three, it’s hard to believe they’ll give up that easily. Still, with more and more new releases, it looks like The Other Guys glory days may already be behind them.

Inception is still doing its best to hold on at number four. It’s had an impressive turn at the box office, but something’s telling me that this flick may be on its way out.

Finally, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World which had hipsters everywhere excited, seemed to under-perform this weekend landing in the number five spot. Could it be that the appeal of Michael Cera is wearing off? Whatever the truth may be, this will probably be the last we’ll see of Scott Pilgrim on the top five.

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