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Box Office Review - August 22 - 'Expendables' stays on top

Box office estimates for the weekend of August 20 - 22. Rank. Movie Title – Weekend Gross | Theaters | Total Gross | Week #

1. The Expendables - $16,500,000 I 3,270 I $64,890,000 I 2 2. Vampires Suck - $12,200,000 I 3,233 I $18,564,000 I 1 3. Eat Pray Love - $12,000,000 I 3,082 I $47,100,000 I 2 4. The Lottery Ticket - $11,125,000 I 1,973 I $11,125,000 I 1 5. The Other Guys - $10,100,000 I 3,472 I $88,190,000 I 3

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source: www.boxofficemojo.com

The Expendables and all of its cast is back with a vengeance for a second weekend in a row. Despite a myriad of new releases, Sly Stallone and company claimed the box office again this weekend.

Vampires Suck turned out to be a surprise heavy hitter this past week. Despite the previews, which didn’t look too appealing to me personally, Vampires Suck had a respectable opening weekend, landing it in second place. Plus, it opened up on Wednesday and was able to suck a couple more dollars out of the kids before school starts.

No matter what Julia Roberts is doing, it seems people will go see her. Although Eat Pray Love has received less than rave reviews, even from our very own Bayer, it’s still found a place on our top five.

Even more surprising than the success of Vampires Suck is the fact that The Lottery Ticket has found its way in at number four. It’s showing at so few theaters, especially in comparison to movies like Piranha 3D, I hadn’t figured on it making it to number four, but who doesn’t love a good underdog story? Well, I guess people who don't like Jennifer Aniston, that's who.

Finally, The Other Guys may be on its way out. It landed at number five and not too far behind our number four spot, but that’s an issue for next weekend’s Box Office Preview, now isn’t it?

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