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Box Office Review - May 23 - 'Shrek Forever After' takes down 'Iron Man 2'

Weekend box office estimates for May 21-23. Rank. Movie Title – Weekend Gross | Theaters | Total Gross | Week #

1. Shrek Forever After - $71,250,000 I 4,359 I $71,250,000 I 1 Complete Shrek Forever After coverage

2. Iron Man 2 - $26,600,000 I 4,177 I $251,265,000 I 3 Complete Iron Man 2 coverage

3. Robin Hood - $18,700,000 I 3,505 I $66,100,000 I 2 Jeff Bayer’s TSR – 5/10 4. Letters to Juliet - $9,100,000 I 2,975 I $27,400,000 I 2 Nick Allen’s TSR – 3/10

5. Just Wright - $4,225,000 I 1,831 I $14,631,000 I 2 Jeff Bayer’s TSR – 4/10

Source: www.boxofficemojo.com

Looks like we have a new winner this week. Although conflicts arose here at TSR with Bayer’s review vs. Allen’s review, looks like audiences sided with Bayer, making Shrek Forever After this weekend’s clear winner.

Iron Man 2 fell and it fell hard this weekend. The previous number one movie was bumped to number two. It had a good ride and it’s doubtful that it’ll leave the top five any time soon, but for this weekend at least, Iron Man 2 has had its first taste of defeat.

Robin Hood fell pretty similarly this weekend. Although it never rose to number one in its time, it looks like it’s already slipping. Mediocre reviews, even one from Bayer himself, along with countless delays and casting changes seem to have kept the Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe flick from realizing its true potential.

In fourth, fans don’t seem to want to write back to the sappy Amanda Seyfried flick, Letters to Juliet. Although suffering the least in this list’s second week box office drops, that’s not saying much as it’s first weekend was nothing to write home about. However, considering how much there is geared towards the female demographic, this one may have some staying power.

Finally, Queen Latifah and her rom com Just Wright beat out newcomer MacGruber for the number five spot. I honestly never saw this one coming, but there you have it folks, the numbers don’t lie.

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