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Box Office Review - May 16 - 'Iron Man 2' Defeats 'Robin Hood' and 'Juliet'

Box Office Review – May 14 – 16 – Iron Man 2 Defeats Newcomers Rank. Movie Title – Weekend Gross | Theaters | Total Gross | Week #

1. Iron Man 2 - $53,000,000 I 4,390 I $212,160,000 I 2 Complete coverage of Iron Man 2

2. Robin Hood - $37,114,000 I 3,503 I $37,114,000 I 1 Jeff Bayer’s TSR – 5/10

3. Letters to Juliet - $13,750,000 I 2,968 I $13,750,000 I 1 Nick Allen’s TSR – 3/10

4. Just Wright - $8,500,000 I 1,831 I $8,500,000 I 1 Jeff Bayer’s TSR – 4/10

5. How to Train Your Dragon - $5,120,000 I 2,620 I $207,764,000 I 8 Lehar’s TSR – 7/10

Source: www.boxofficemojo.com

Iron Man 2 suffered in its second weekend, but that didn’t stop the Robert Downy Jr. flick from soaring high above the new comers. Although it had a pretty steep drop-off this weekend, it still comes in first.

Second is the Ridley Scott-helmed retelling of the legend of Robin Hood. The famous director and Russell Crowe team up with Cate Blanchett for this one, but according to my courses, not many critics love it. Jeff only thought it was okay, but it was probably audience curiosity that boosted this one to its spot on the top five.

Rather predictably, Letters to Juliet rose to the middle of the charts this weekend. If Nick has his way, it won’t be on the top five much longer and after this modest opening weekend, it seem unlikely that it will be. Poor Amanda Seyfried can definitely act, but it doesn’t seem she can pick ‘em. First Jennifer’s Body and now this box office disappointment? Better luck next time.

Not showing up on my radar at all (although does passing one billboard on my way to the South side count?) Just Wright came out of left field. It wasn’t a stellar opening weekend, but given the number of screens and the amount of publicity, I’d say showing up on the list at all is impressive enough. No clues as to how it’ll perform next weekend or if it’ll last.

Finally, How to Train Your Dragon may be ready to turn it in. Its had a good long run, but it doesn’t seem like it’ll be much longer. I honestly never paid it much attention when I saw the trailers, but this movie has proven its got what it takes to go the distance. Congrats on an eight-week run, but it might be time to say our goodbyes with the onslaught of summer movies. Then again, I’ve said it before so who knows what will happen next weekend?

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