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'Megamind' starring Will Ferrell and Brad Pitt - trailer review

Megamind Directed by: Tom McGrath Starring: Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt, Tina Fey Rating: NR Release Date: November 5, 2010


MY THOUGHTS: I’ve been a fan of Dreamworks Animation since Shrek in 2001. Their latest, Megamind looks like Dreamworks could add another win to their column. It’s the kind of different take on the same story that has potential to shake things up or at least provide an amusing movie outing. While I’m not normally a huge Will Ferrell fan, judging from the trailer, he’s pretty much pitch perfect for the part. There weren’t any real laugh out loud moments, but there was enough to keep me amused and honestly wanting more from Mr. Ferrell, a feat that hasn’t happened since Anchorman ages ago. The thinly veiled Superman character, voiced by Brad Pitt, seems like he could be an interesting “villain.” Superman was always a little too goody two-shoes for my taste and I’m hoping they’ll do something with that image, which might just be the case judging from this trailer. Finally, the piece de resistance, Tina Fey. I know there were some mixed feelings about Date Night but Megamind looks like much more of a crowd pleaser. As the “spunky heroine,” a necessity of any superhero movie, Tina Fey seems to have it going on. She’s actually featured more heavily in the trailer than Brad Pitt or his character, although that may just be an attempt to ride the wave of Tina Fey success. Regardless, Megamind looks like another promising outing for Dreamworks Animation with an all-star cast to round it out.

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