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TSRn: Elton John planning 'non-linear' 'hyper-visual' biopic called 'Rocketman'

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News: Elton John is planning to make a biographical musical called Rocketman. It will be produced by David Furnish, his partner, at Rocket Pictures. Source: Deadline

Thoughts by TSR: The team who brought you Gnomeo and Juliet is working to rehash some more old Elton John songs into film by creating Rocketman. Don't get me wrong, I love me some classic John as much as the next girl, but after the cinematic abortion that was GAJ, I don't hold out a lot of hope for this. He's re-teaming with playwright Lee Hall who worked on the Billy Elliot musical with him, so the soundtrack may turn out great. I really think it depends on who they choose to direct. I would take back everything I said and be first in line if they went with Todd Haynes. Velvet Goldmine is probably the best film about being a music fan ever. But can Rocket Pictures think that far outside the box?

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