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TSRn: Christian Bale won't pick his next movie

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News: Christian Bale refuses to pick his next project until The Dark Knight Rises wraps. He has a number of interesting options available to him. Source: Variety Thoughts by TSR: Everybody wants a piece of Bale (including me), but who will he choose? Of the options listed, I think Oldboy and Noah sound the most interesting. Oldboy in the hands of Spike Lee excites me, and with great actors it could totally work. On the other hand, I love biblical epics and wish they made them like they used to. Noah's arc is a messed up story, God decides to kill every person, starting over with just one family. In the hands of Darren Aronofsky it could be awesome. Plus you know that Bale in a beard would make a fabulous Old Testament dude. Just please, stay away from A Star Is Born with Beyonce.

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