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TSRn: 'Justice League' Rumors: Godfather Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale Returning, Zack Snyder Directing?

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News: According to Latino Review's El Mayimbe, Christopher Nolan might be overseeing/producing the Justice League movie for Warner Bros. They also want Christian Bale back as Batman, and Man of Steel's Zack Snyder could be the choice to direct. Source: Latino Review

Thoughts by TSR: I’m a fan of Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale, but the idea of them possibly being involved in the Justice League film is not as thrilling as it should be. I don’t love everything Nolan did with his Batman trilogy. Still, I consider myself a fan and revisit the films often. He just doesn’t feel like the right guy to be overseeing something like this. I’d rather see this steer away from his more realistic approach to superheroes and be willing to get weird and fun.

It’s really not surprising that Warner Bros would want Nolan to “godfather” their DC Universe, presumably by making him an offer he can’t refuse.  Similarly, it shouldn’t be surprising that they’d do the same to try to get Christian Bale to don the cape and cowl again. As El Mayimbe points out in his video, these two made billions of dollars together with this character, so why ­wouldn’t they want them back to add some additional credibility (and millions at the box office) to Justice League? (It seems likely David Goyer would be involved in the writing, but El Mayimbe couldn't get that part confirmed.)

I’d personally prefer to see both Nolan and Bale move on to other things. Let’s see Nolan focus on directing another Memento or The Prestige (Interstellar sounds promising, at least). I know he’d still get to focus on doing his own stuff – like he did making Inception between The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises – but I’d rather he make like Bruce Wayne and retire from superheroes.

El Mayimbe’s scoop also indicates that Zack Snyder could possibly be the pick to direct (and produce alongside Nolan). That indicates faith in Man of Steel, which is obviously a good sign. I’ve liked the trailers, so I’m hoping it ends up being a success. What we’ve seen so far makes it look like Nolan’s producing hand is taking Henry Cavill's Superman to a more realistic, gritty place, but perhaps they are just saving the more out there stuff for later. If that’s the case, and Nolan as godfather truly is willing to let the character’s comic book show, maybe this could work out (in more than just a financial sense).

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